All Critics Matter

Often when i criticize something people take it as me saying it’s ‘bad’ or shouldn’t be liked/enjoyed/etc. People don’t read fully what I’m saying. A popular saying nowadays is “let people enjoy things”. I and agree with that but I never criticize anything that I don’t find any redeeming qualities or interest in–that I don’t enjoy or was looking to enjoy. I’m just being thorough in my analysis of it. You can use sports as an example, I may like Lamelo Ball as a player, but I’m not going to put him in the same category as Steph Curry or Lebron or even Trae Young or Luka at this point. Part of my fandom is acknowledging his flaws and weaknesses with the hopes that he will work on them and get even better.  A lot of people as of late like something because it personally entertains them, then overrate  it, or overlook its flaws.  This kind of culture is why it seems were flooded with mediocre and/or shallow content nowadays and lack very many truly great masterpieces in the mainstream. To get masterpieces you  need a really rigorous refining process and a high standard. If most people just take anything as long as they have something to occasionally look up at from their phones or play in the background, just something to keep them distracted in between other distractions, not something to attract them to a greater appreciation  or understanding of art, craft,  beauty, virtues, knowledge, and humanity  we’re not building or cultivating anything special as a culture or society, we’re just pointlessly existing. It’s not about bringing anyone or their art down, it’s about bringing all of us up. Excellence. 

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