Local Music Scene Dos and Donts

DO make music. Don’t just talk about making music (and make do’s and don’t lists) on facebook posts, subtweet other artists, promoters, etc and make instagram posts about how this year is going to be your year. Write some mf songs and record them bitches. Then upload them shits to your digital streaming platform of choice. Keep doing that. Damn. 

DO enjoy yourself. Complaining about the local scene or lack of support, etc all the time just gets stale really fast. Have fun. sell a few shirts. Make some memories. 

DON’T let the bad experiences and people who DO all the DONT’s on this list get you burnt out and jaded about being an artist/creative. 

DON’T think you’re better than the local music scene then expect support from the local music scene. LOL come on 

DO support other local artists. 

DON’T be fake and support art you don’t like just to get support back or be seen as ‘supportive’. You’ll just end up asking a guy “whats your name again?” at his album release show.

DO be inclusive. You don’t want to clique your way out of having more fans. Or maybe you do. But why not welcome everyone with your art. The only real opp is poverty caused by corrupt capitalism and *Youtube ad interrupts*


DON’T expect everyone to be cool and be friends. There’s always going to be the competitive angle to art. But find ways to turn that tension into fair skill sharpening competition or collaboration. Likewise there will also be people and aspects of culture that aren’t as compatible with others. Sometimes there’s  touchy history or politics or personal conflict. Be mindful of that when planning events, booking acts, reaching out to collaborate, separation isn’t always bad, just be thorough in knowing the vibes and finding the points where people can connect, there’s usually some point at which they can. 

DO go out to see other local talent (if you don’t have kids, or have a cool ass baby mama/daddy)

DON’T say you’re going to put the city or scene on the map. Unless you’re actually going to fucking do it, and even then i highly recommend to just wait until you do it to be safe. 

DO support genres outside your own. A healthy music scene isn’t just one thriving genre. 

Its ok to look to bigger city scenes or the mainstream industry for inspiration but DO think of ways to highlight the uniqueness of your city and its sounds. 

DON’T shit on the local scene. You live here, its yours, be real about the issues, but not dismissive. 

To be continued…maybe

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