TikTok Is (Small) Business

As much as capitalists harp on about small businesses being important etc there is actually a bit of a bias against small businesses in this country. We make fun of and criticize individuals that behave like corporations (hate for Tiktok marketers, influencers, youtubers, etc). We let big corporations come into our cities and put local businesses out. We prefer the convenience they allow us and take little thought of exploitation and greed. We don’t think much of art until it gets an industry stamp of approval then everyone comes out to congratulate for winning a major industry award. Entrepreneurs are seen as dreamers and told to get real jobs (working for big businesses or the government). When you think of why we tend to lean towards big corporations for products and services and when you think about marketing it actually suggests socialism  is what people want. A big business moving to our city means jobs for everyone, thats what gets celebrated. Its not about the product or services being offered at all ha, its about the economic power it’ll provide the community. Its not that the best ideas are rising to the top, ideas are being selected by the ones on the top, sometimes they’re the best, other times they are just the ones that can be mass produced the best. Throw in businesses being able to lobby and be bailed out by the government, how is that a free market? 

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