Lil Nas X Is The Most Gangsta Rapper in 2021

A lot of  dudes in hiphop culture don’t have a problem with lil Nas X—until they get around the homies, or the barbershop or on the block, nobody wants to show any sign of weakness or vulnerability. Its not even homophobia for real (though homophobia is part of it), because hiphop has always accepted gay women from queen latifah,to snoop from The Wire, girl on girl porn, etc dudes always either liked the sight of two women together or accepted women that act just like the men. Its really the concept of masculinity and what a man is supposed to be and HAS to be in society. You come off as too soft in the wrong crowds and you can get robbed, killed, etc. Or to a lesser extent, not respected or given a voice. You are seen as weak. It likely won’t change anytime soon because most women don’t want a man that can be seen as weak, submissive or carries feminine traits. So you really have a lot of dudes that are softer and more open minded inside but have to pretend to be ignorant and hard for survival. The irony is, that the hardest and most brave dudes are gay men like Lil Nas X that aren’t afraid of challenging all of that. 

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